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Sallie Mae Borrowers Qualifying For Student Loan Forgiveness

According to reports Sallie Mae, now known as Navient has been under heavy criticism over the past few months following allegations of overcharging its service members for their student loans. It is estimated that over $1.2 trillion is owed by approximately 40 million Americans and most of these have been irregularly charged late fees on the student loans.

The organization has been under investigations by different agencies including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp and the department of justice. Student loans have become the worst kind of debt for many Americans and many are drowning therein.

While non-payment of these loans is not an option, many borrowers have found themselves under pressure not knowing what to do.

To add insult to injury, the amount of money owed by individual members continues to grow owing to the compounding interest charged and this is making it even harder for many to come out of debt. As a result, many Americans are finding themselves under a huge burden and cannot develop or carry out some essential activities such as the formation of businesses. The effects of overbearing student loans are also affecting the national economy and not only the individual debtors.

Simply call 877-959-0624 and ask "Am I eligible for Forgiveness Or Lower Monthly Payments?"

"When I wanted to join the university, I had to apply for $40,000 in federal loans. I was confident that the loan won't be stressful to me since it had the government backing. The repayment terms didn't seem very strict and with the prospects of getting a good job, I thought I would be able to repay easily and fast.elsewhere"

I started feeling the weight of this loan 7 months after graduating. Getting a job was hard and calls from Sallie Mae started driving me crazy. Although I had graduated with the best grades, I started slipping into the dark pit of debts and even doing something worthwhile was a pipe dream. I didn't know how to change my situation and my parents started worrying about me.

While in college, I had dreamt of supporting my parents who had worked so hard to take me through school. But here I was, I gazed at an uncertain future with my hands tied and my mind weighed down by the debts", Jimmy Youngblood a Biochemistry Major narrated to us.

Qualification Requirements

1) You need to have at least $10,000 in student debt.

2) If you're still going to school you need to wait until you finish or generally not be attending school at the time you call.
3) If you have already paid off your loans, these programs are not going to be available for you, unfortunately.

If you meet this criteria then you DEFINITELY qualify for STUDENT LOAN FORGIVENESS and in most cases paying way lower monthly payments!

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How to Handle Such Issues

Simply call 877-959-0624 and ask "Am I eligible for Forgiveness Or Lower Monthly Payments?"

If at all you find yourself burdened by the repayment of student loans, it is good to know that yours is not an isolated case. You are just one of the 40 million Americans who owed financial institutions more than $1.31 trillion by the end of 2014.

Despite this, there is no need to worry as the US government has passed legislation that is aimed at forgiving, discharging or cancelling student loans owed by millions of Americans who are struggling under this crushing burden. To know whether you are eligible for student loan forgiveness or lower monthly repayments, call us now and we will assist you with the process.